Photo1943"Edith 19th May 1943 aged 26"London E9England
Photo1941"William 1941 aged 18"London E9England
Photo1942"Wedding Day 21st Oct 1942"London E9England
Photo1942"5th Hampshire Regt 1942Isle of WightEngland
Letter1941"Pre army, Excuse Writing"DagenhamEngland
Letter1941"Are you alright"DagenhamEngland
Letter1941"Pre army, working as a labourer, concreting"DagenhamEngland
Diary Page1942"Got engaged on 11th Feb 1942, into army 12th Feb 1942"London E9England
Letter1942"Scrubbing Floors, 1st weeks army pay 10/- (50p)"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"Army a waste of time running around with a gun"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"3 days in guard house for hitting a chap for stealing 8/-. (40p)"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942" Had a 12 week course for driving and morter training"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"New address is Morter Platoon"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"Thrills of army infantry!"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942" Don't want to go to Birmingham. Will write again tonight"London E9England
Letter1942"Hitler, I'l like to ring his neck "Hythe KentEngland
Letter1942"playing war games, got lost in Kent "Hythe KentEngland
Letter1942"Browned off with army life"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"When the boys are singing"Isle of WightEngland
Telegram1942"Many Happy Returns"Isle of WightEngland
Letter1942"Heard he may be going abroad. Plans to get married"Hythe KentEngland
Letter1942"PS. Please excuse pencil got no ink"Hythe KentEngland
Telegram1942"Don't come Sunday be home Monday"Hythe KentEngland
Letter1942"PS. Excuse Pencil"Aldershot HantsEngland
Letter1942"My mate has got 'CB' for coming back off of leave late"Aldershot HantsEngland
Letter1942" On guard duty Xmas night"Aldershot HantsEngland
Letter1942"No xmas dinner at home"Aldershot HantsEngland
Letter1942" New address - last before going abroad"Aldershot HantsEngland
Letter1943"On the move, about to be sent abroad"Hythe KentEngland
Letter1943"On the ship being sea sick"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"On the ship to North Africa - don’t worry"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"Reply to Bill's first letter from abroad"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"Hope your not in the fighting line"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"Wounded in the leg"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"In hospital for op. Browned off"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I've started to walk now"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"Have started to walk again"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"Hope you got that rotter that shot you"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"Forgive me for writing in pencil"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Edith doing fire watching at home. Excuse pencil"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Hurry up home for a glass of london beer"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Got to have another operation on leg"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"When are you coming home"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I expect to be walking again soon"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Beer and cigarettes going up again"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Lets hope it wont be long before its over"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Still unfit to travel"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"The war out here cant last much longer"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Not heard from Hub, I hope he is alright"(Hub was Hubert Thompson)AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Jerry has started bombing again. My pals are likely to be prisoners.AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I have some lipstick and powder for you"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"What do you think of the news, it wont be long now. PS. Excuse Pencil"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"Only a little browned off"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"Sorry to hear you have not received the parcel"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"I havent heard from Hub lately"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Thanks for the chocolates, using your sweet coupons"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"A little home of our own"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"Have you found a house yet"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I'm so browned off with life out here"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"I havent heard from you this week"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"My leg is much better today"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Chin up and keep smiling"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"I received two air-graphs from you today"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Sorry I can't get you the stockings"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Received three letters from you today. PS excuse pencil"AbroadN Africa
Air-Graph1943"I'm keeping my word, it's a letter a day"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I havent had any mail for nearly a month"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"I'll make it up to you when I do get home"AbroadN Africa
Airmail1943"Edith on holiday at Canvey Island"AbroadN Africa
Telegram1943"ARRIVED ENGLAND HOME SOON"AbroadN Africa
Letter1943"MO gave me excused boots "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Fed up. Not left the bks. On leave 9th feb 1944"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944" Leaving for Matlock Bath Derby"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Bad bombing, saying sorry"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Bombing raids very bad. May be posted to wales in april 1944"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"No letters for 2 days. Escort duty pickup from jail".ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Heavy raid at home"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I have'nt yet had a letter "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Thanks for the cakes "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I have'nt had a letter from you today"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Having my tooth out today"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"see you next weekend"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Looking forward to the weekend"ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"This place gives me the pip "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"all my money stolen "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I will have to cut my leg again "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"try to get nearer home "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"try and make some more cakes for me "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I'm in the army, not civvy street "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"hope your safe after last nights raid "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"meet me at Liverpool Street station "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"going before the army selection board "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Chance of getting your 'ticket' "London E9England
Letter1944"Edith working at cinema 35/- per week "(page 2 missing)London E9England
Letter1944"I wish this war would end "London E9England
Letter1944"I do hope you get a pass for this weekend "London E9England
Letter1944"I have finished your socks "London E9England
Letter1944"Bill in hospital bed?"London E9England
Letter1944"sorry I havent wrote much "LeedsEngland
Letter1944"no more leave, start of the second front "LeedsEngland
Letter1944"of course I want some babies "LeedsEngland
Letter1944"still a ban on army leave "LeedsEngland
Letter1944"The MO wont give me a pass "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"A map to find this place "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I'm going to see the CO about getting a pass "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"Had a row with the hospital sister "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"my legs don’t seem to improve "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"I saw the doctor this morning "ColchesterEngland
Letter1944"this place is a terribe joint "DerbyEngland
Letter1944"I'm going to have my medical tomorrow "DerbyEngland
Letter1944"they are not going to give me my ticket(out of the army) "DerbyEngland
Letter1944"I'm fed up with this place "London W9England
Letter1944"it gets worse every day "London W9England
Letter1944"I'm going back to Colcester "London W9England
Letter1944"Edith pregnant "HerefordEngland
Letter1944"glad the bombs are a bit quieter "HerefordEngland
Letter1944"hope you havent had many bomb warnings - Please excuse pencil "HerefordEngland
Letter1944"hope you have not had many rockets these last few days "HerefordEngland
Letter1944"war damage money"HerefordEngland
Letter1944"have you had the rockets lately"HerefordEngland
Letter1944"I shall not be home for Xmas "HerefordEngland
Letter1944"take the doctors advice "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I'am on night shift it's 2am "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"glad to hear you had a nice time at Canvey Is."HerefordEngland
Letter1945"when I'm in civvey Street again "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"Are the rockets still coming over "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"war damage repairs "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"no mail from home "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"back again in London with the rockets "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"in the sick bay for 4 days"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"excuse writing the nib is running out "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I'd sooner be abrord again than here"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I'm now on night duty"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I'm after my discharge"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"the rockets, are they still coming over"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"spend some time at Canvey Island"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I need a new pair of shoes "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"looking forward to seeing you "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"try to get you the stockings "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I've fiddled a 60 hour pass "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I've kept out of trouble for a week now "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"worth it if it gets my ticket "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I think the jerrys have had it "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"bit shaky as the bomb was very near "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I'm real fed up"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I heard London had it pretty bad"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"please excuse paper "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"hope to get my discharge"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"how are things at home"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"need the fare money to get home "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"baby due soon "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"is baby still kicking "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"our baby not far away now"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"safe from the rockets, sleeping under the table "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"maternity benefit will be £2"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"still sleeping under the table"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"Baby due any day "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"this war will soon be over"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"our baby soon"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"soon to go into hospital "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"babies shawl is finished" "HerefordEngland
Letter1945"I've been on the night shift"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"money to get a pram"HerefordEngland
Letter1945"have'nt had any rockets over this way "HerefordEngland
Telegram1945"Baby son both well "London E9England
Letter1945"I've a son "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"child birth "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"both alright apart from being lonely "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"no letter from you today "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"got back ok, not been missed "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"still browned off "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"this war is near the end " Last page missingOswestryEngland
Letter1945"please excuse writing, pen is bad "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"I'm enclosing a football coupon "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"go to the doctor, I'll stand the expence (pre.NHS) "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"keep your fingers crossed "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"ration coupons to get a new coat "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"how's our son doing "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"pray for my dischage out of 'Kate Karney'(army) "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"excuse such a short letter "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"I get my leave in July "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"I'm only drawing 14/- a week "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"I'm sure I'll be in civvies soon "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"fed up to the teeth with army life "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"baby takes after you "OswestryEngland
Letter1945" excuse paper xxx"OswestryEngland
Letter1945"wrote to Bill Nunn (army friend) "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"forgive this short letter "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"Alan's spots are almost gone "London E9England
Letter1945"have to pay 17/6 a week to Hackney Hospital "London E9England
Letter1945" I shall take Alan to Hackney Hospital "London E9England
Letter1945"I havent got any ration coupons for a new coat "London E9England
Letter1945"I wish you was here Bill "London E9England
Letter1945"wants Bett to make a coat from a blanket "London E9England
Letter1945"try and get home "London E9England
Letter1945"forgive pencil, getting a bottle of ink tomorrow "ShrwsburyEngland
Letter1945"had a Victory tea"SalopEngland
Letter1945"I'm feb up with being apart"SalopEngland
Letter1945"thanks for the stamps and cigs "ShrwsburyEngland
Letter1945"have you heard from the war office yet"ShrwsburyEngland
Letter1945"the war is over at last "SalopEngland
Letter1945"both safe and well "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"no mail for two days "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"get away from Harrowgate Road "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"got your letter and parcel "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"few days at Canvey Island "Canvey IsEngland
Letter1945"just six days before my leave "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"looking forward to holiday "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"on leave to Canvey Island "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"got a seat on the train "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"home made cigs "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"trying to buy a wireless "OswestryEngland
Letter1945"Good news- out of the army before Christmas"London E9England
Letter1945"my release has come in, civvey street next week! "ShrwsburyEngland